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Reckless Assault Paintball
About Us


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A little info. about who we are.


Leon "Shoot Now Ask Later" Ellis

Our Mission

Reckless Assault Paintball is here to serve all of your Extreme Sport needs.
We want to take you away from the stress of everyday life and give you a fun and exciting paintball adventure.


Gene "The Ghost" Johnson

Our History

Reckless Assault Paintball was started this year.  Our company is owned and operated by three paintball pro wannabes.  Vince, Leon, and Gene got together and decided that Central South Dakota needed a place where people could unwind and enjoy some exciting outdoor activity.  Our one and only location (until people find out how great this place is) is a 200' x 200' field.  This serves as 1 or 2 fields as needed.  As business grows we have more sites to conquer.


Vince "Triggerman" Fluckey

Reckless Assault Paintball* 922 W. Pleasant Dr. * Pierre, SD * US * 57501